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Emigrants from Wysokie to America created and supported landmanshaftn, self-help organizations, among them:

• Wisoko-Litowsker United Relief (WLUR)
• Wysoko-Litowsker Brotherly Benevolent Society (WLBBS)
• Wysoko-Litowsker Bruderlicher Untershtitzung Verein (WLBUV)

Here is an unusually high-resolution photo of key members of one of these, probably WLBUV:

Key Members
courtesy: Rosyln Kolner Bresnick-Perry

Not all emigrant Wysokers joined, and the geographic distribution was limited. Still, these publications help us understand the lives of the emigrants through their empathy for those left behind, and the horror they felt when the impact of the Holocaust became clear.

This is a collection of publications from these organization that are not know to be published elsewhere.

Exception: In partnership with the Volchiner Relief Society, Wisoko-Litowsker United Relief published in 1948 an event document that is known, somewhat misleadingly, as the Yizkor Book for the two communities. (View it here.)

At present, these are presented as collections of images with minimal indexing only. The most important limitation of this presentation is that the content is not searchable by computers, only by human eyes. At some time in the future, this should be remedied by converting the text in the images to computer-readable text.

More about the Wysokie Landsmanshaftn
Information from R. U. Steinburg, Austin, Texas, and the YIVO Landsmanshaftn Collection webpage:

•  Wisoko-Litowsker United Relief (WLUR)
YIVO, New York City,, NY, record locator: RG 123 Box 18

• Wysoko-Litowsker Brotherly Benevolent Society (WLBBS)
YIVO, New York City, NY, record locator: RG 1611

•  Wysoko-Litowsker Bruderlicher Untershtitzung Verein (WLBUV)
Cemetery Plot: Wellwood Cemetery, Farmingdale Suffolk County, New York: Block 29, Section 2. Search Wellwood Records

Cemetery Plot: Mt. Judah Cemetery, Ridgewood, NY: Section 2, Block 6. Search Mount Judah Records

Cemetery Plot: Washington Cemetery, Brooklyn, NY: Section 5, Post 497. Partial Listing of Burials

YIVO, New York City, NY, record locator: RG 123 Box 18

Notes: Bruderlicher Untershtitzung Verein: Brotherly Benevolent Society. somewhat misleadingly: Traditional Yizkor (Memory) Books were generally scholarly work of significant size and scope, documenting the home community and its inhabitants. This publication is primarily a new-world event program and contains very little information about Wysokie Litewskie.

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