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I discovered Roz sometime in 1995, early in my work. I was looking on the web for the name of the river that passed through Wysokie (the Pulva). I repeated a web search I had run many times before, but this time it returned a new result, about a Jewish storyteller who told tales of her childhood village of Wysokie-Litewskie.

Roslyn Bresnick-Perry, neé Kolner
Photo: Courtesy of Roslyn

It wasn't difficult to find out more about her -- awards, publications, performances -- and her telephone number. I could not resist: I called. We talked. In a remarkably short time, I was in New York City walking down 8th Avenue to visit her in person.

Of her entire family, only Roslyn, her sister, and their parents emigrated. All the others of her beloved family, including her favorite uncle Avrom-Lieb, perished in the Holocaust.

Roslyn's fondness for her favorite uncle Avrom-Lieb and the pain she feels today for the loss of him made the Holocaust real and personal for me. I understand that Roz still hopes for this tall, kindly jokester and his red hair to somehow reappear today, and --thanks to her-- so do I.

- - -

Roslyn kindly allowed me to look through her entire collection of family photos and borrow anything I wanted for scanning. I made a selection of items with documentary value. I've done the best I can as an amateur to retouch these photos and to minimize the distractions due to wear and tear of the intervening years, but some of the damage was beyond my skill.


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