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Props: Toy hammer, saw, wood plane

- - -

With my hammer I'll clop-clop-clop

Mit dem hammerl klop,klop, klop

With my saw I'll chop-chop-chop

Mit dem zegerl, zeg ,zeg, zeg

With my plane I'll smooth-smooth-smooth

Mit dem hubleh, hueb, hueb, hueb

And into a house I'll move.

Boyen kinderlakh zikh a shtub

- - -

Both my hands will clap-clap-clap

Mit die hentalakh patch-patch-patch.

Both my feet will tap-tap-tap

Mit die fiesalakh tube-tube-tube

Clapping hands and tapping feet

Patchen hentealakh un tuppen fies.

This will make my life so sweet.

Arbet makht dos lehbn zies.

--Contributed by Roslyn Bresnick-Perry, née Kolner, who learned it at pre-school in Wysokie, circa 1925,

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