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This section reproduces news items, entire short articles, and mentions of people and events in Wysoke Litewske from historical Hebrew-language newspapers:

• Hamelitz
• Hayom

Collected from the Historical Jewish Press website, a cooperative project of the National Library of Israel and Tel-Aviv University, by Eliezer Makovetsky and used by permission. (Click on the links above to see more information about each publication.) Compilation and translation by Hannah Kadmon.

You may browse the articles in date order in the Table of Contents panel at left, choose articles by subject in the table below, or use the arrow buttons to navigate forwards and backwards through the articles, or back to this page. See also this Overview.

Decade Article Subject
1870 Halevanon 25.8.1875 A Scandal: Did Rabbi Binyamin Zeev pay for his position?
1880 Hamelitz 29.3.1881 Mourning the Russian Kaiser (Tzar)
Hayom 17.10.1882 Sectarian Confrontation in the Synagogue
Hatzfira 1.7.1884 Economic Distress in Łomża Province
Hamelitz 25.4.1884 House Fire in nearby village takes lives of Itzkovsky Family
Hamelitz 8.6.1885 Unmasking an Imposter Rabbi
Hatzfira 10.9.1886 Russian Dignitaries and Royalty Visit Visoki D'Lita
Hayom 8.12.1887 The Murder of Y. Rabinowitz by Y. Meller (1)
Hamelitz 8.12.1887 The Murder of Y. Rabinowitz by Y. Meller (2)
Hamelitz 11.11.1888 The Murder of Y. Rabinowitz by Y. Meller (3)
Hatzfira 13.5.1889 From Rabbi Avraham Tzvi Hirsh Sagal
Hamelitz 2.6.1889 Massive Fire in the Town: A Disaster (1)
Hatzfira 17.6.1889 Massive Fire in the Town: A Disaster (2)
1890 Hatzfira 16.12.1891 Conscription process and economic conditions
Hatzfira 10.10.1897 Obituary of R' Natan Greenvald
Hamelitz 12.5.1898 Rabbi Mordekhai Aharon Rabinovitz Chosen for New Post
Hatzfira 10.5.1899 Rabbi Shifrel's sermon supporting the Odessa Committee
Hatzfira 19.12.1898 Acknowledging the work of Society Linat Hatzedek
1900 Hatzfira 4.8.1901 Matriculation of the Gaon Rabbi Khayim Shlomo Vishnegrad
Hatzfira 15.9.1902 A social and cultural summary view of the town
1910 Hayom 8.6.1911 Mazel Tov on Rakhel Pintchuk -- David Zeidel wedding
Hatzfira 23.8.1912 Mazel Tov on Voyskovsksk -- Gelibter Wedding
1920 Hatzfira 19.1.1927 Mazel Tov on Yitzkovsky -- Viskovsky Bethrothal
1930 Hatzfira 30.3.1931 Warning from the Teaching Staff of the Religous Hebrew School
1950 Davar 25.1.1957 Obituary of Zalman Solnitzki
Davar 28.8.1957 Sympathy on the death of R' Moshe Efrati

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Notes: The subject headlines in the table above and on the individual article pages were written by the webmaster, for ease of access.

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