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This website may be accessed using two different domain names, vysokoye.org and wysokie-litewskie.org . So you may use


which is the English transliteration of the current official name of the town in Russian and Belarusian. It is standard genealogical practice --and respectful of the current inhabitants-- to use the current name of the town as the primary reference.

You may also use


reflecting the Polish name of the town during the period between WWI and WWII. This is a common reference used by Jewish descendents.

Visuka Litovsk. It would be most appropriate to use such a transliteration as the site address, or --even better-- the name of the town in Yiddish script. As of this writing, the technical means for using Yiddish script in web addresses are in preparation. However, how many potential visitors are prepared to type the web address in Yiddish?

This page contains more about the names and variations.


Editor's Notes:

Domain name is a technical term for the most significant part of the web address. In


the domain name is example.com.

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